French mobile app & video game localizer | Desktop publisher | SEO translator

France: 24 years > Spain: 16 years > Brazil: +1,5 year.

Hi, I’m Yann!
French video game & app localizer,
Desktop publisher & graphic designer.

>> So I’m French, DTP, SEO translator and…

I translate, localize and caption from English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese into French,
and from French into Spanish.

That is to say EN-PTBR > FR and FR<>ES / Or what amounts to the same thing EN-PTBR-ES > FR and FR>ES / Including EN>FR , PTBR>FR and ES>FR , FR>ES – Well, I think you got it so let’s go on, I’ll be brief.

So a detail oriented desktop publisher, soulful copywriter and skilled photo editor ^_^

And… I would define myself as well as an amateur photographer, self-educated typographer, besides rigorous pre-press controller, keen culture manager, French video game and software and site and application and video localizer… language passionate, avid reader and eager transcreator, cross culture delighted mate, autodidact graphic designer, along with a capoeira trainee and music enthusiast…

Well! Eventually I am just a curious guy, trying to learn something new every day…

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